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5 Signs A Uruguay Girl Likes You


The way we do things here at Loveawake, not only will you be able to tell if a woman is into you or not, you’ll also be able to simultaneously move the interaction forward. Some of these signs she’s into you may seem obvious, but like everything here, we have our own unique spin on them.

So here we go – five signs that a girl likes you (plus one huge warning at the end):

Uruguay Lady Talks To You

The first sign Uruguay girl likes you is (and this may seem obvious) that she actually talks to you. Many women are simply closed to talking to guys who aren’t their type, others are closed to talking to any strangers at all. The fact of the matter is, not every single woman we think is attractive is open to talking to us. And that’s fine, because when you know how to meet a lot of women eventually we find girls that do like us. Girls who are really, really attractive. It simply happens. When it does, and she talks to us, that’s the first big sign we found a girl who’s interested (maybe).

She Continues Talking To You After…

The next sign Uruguay girl likes you is that she continues talking to you after you’ve made it clear your intention is to meet her (we do this by asking her name). If she tells you her name and continues talking to you, that’s another small sign she likes you. Her asking your name back is even better (this is why we recommend not giving your name until she asks).

When guys fudge around the issue with indirect BS smoke and mirrors ‘Game’-questions like, “Hey, where’s the post office?” then they never really have a chance to clearly find out if she’s into you or not. She may stop and talk to try and answer their indirect opener, but if she isn’t interested, then those guys basically wasted their time with a false positive. (Plus, if she was interested and you show her you’re too much of a wuss to be straight-up with her, guys are shooting themselves in the foot.)

Go down the straight and narrow – ask her name as early in the interaction as possible.

She Laughs At Your Charming Wit

Another sign Uruguay girl likes you is if she laughs at your witty banter and commentary (even if they’re not funny). Basically, your job as a guy is to simply make her laugh. Your job is NOT to show off your value, tell stories about your ex-girlfriends, or try to make her feel a connection.

Simply make her laugh. The rest will work itself out.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t – but most of it actually depends on her perception of you, not your humor skills. Don’t put the entire weight of the world on your own shoulders with the wacky idea that you’re responsible for how she reacts – we’re only able to control ourselves. So when she laughs, that’s her showing signs of liking you. Dig it. Rejoice. Be happy. Someone thinks you’re funny! A truly glorious day indeed.

Uruguay GIrl Touches You

Another one of the signs Uruguay girl likes you is she goes out of her way to touch you (usually when you are making her laugh). Be careful now, we said that SHE goes out of HER WAY to touch YOU. NOT THE OPPOSITE. If you’re all over her she physically can’t be all over you.

Guys who get all touchy-feely with Uruguay girls they meet (trying to do wacky ‘kino’ or weird palm readings or other Pickup Artist-y stuff) are, once again, shooting themselves in the foot. Furthermore, guys who a given woman is totally into don’t need to touch her since she’s going to be touching them, and guys who a given Uruguay women is NOT into are just asking for trouble by touching too much. Avoid that.

Exercise self control and hold back on the touchy-touchy.

However, if she’s the one touching you, smile and simply note it as a good sign. Ultimately, while we can get a good read of how interested she is, we can’t absolutely know just based on that, which is why we suggest moving on to verify the last piece of information we need to tell if she’s interested in you or not.

Uruguay Woman Wants To Give You Her Phone Number

And that last of the signs Uruguay girl likes you is when she gives you her phone number. That means you have to ask. ALWAYS ask for the number when you are in a conversation with a woman you find attractive. Especially if she talks to you, smiles, laughs, tells you her name and engages you in a short, friendly conversation.

To get her number, simply say, “What’s your phone number?” or “Tell me your phone number.”

That’s all you need.

No bells and whistles, just go balls-out direct and straightforward. She’ll either tell you her number, which is a sign she might be into you, or you won’t get number, in which case you can still smile and feel good knowing that you did the right thing as a man by taking the shot and going for it. Quality women don’t play games with guys they like.

If you’ve done all of the above, you may have found a girl that likes you. Congratulations and good luck…

A Warning About Looking for Signs Uruguay Girl Likes You

Now you’ve read several signs a girl likes you… it’s time for a big dose of reality.

All beautiful Uruguay women know exactly how to give off all the right signals of interest so that guys think the girl likes him. If she likes you, chances are very good that she’ll give you the signals above. These women are honest, good people. These are the ones we want you with.

But, some of the women out there will intentionally make a guy think she likes him just so she can get something from him. These are the girls with agendas. Gold-diggers, users, professional daters, etc. We want you to avoid these women and all the problems they bring into your life. If she has an agenda and you are an easy target (hint: Pickup Artists, self-proclaimed players and guys that heavily utilize “Game” make for very easy targets) then she will probably give you any and all signs a girl likes you that have ever been published. It might look, at first, very similar to the same signs that an honest, beautiful woman gives.

What is the remedy for that?

When we train our guys how to avoid these women in our in-depth seminars, we tell them to never to 100% trust these signs that a girl likes you. As you date her, keep your eyes open for the warning signs that she isn’t actually interested in you, just interested in your money, your lifestyle, your friends, your emotional support or your time and attention. Take everything slow and really get to know a girl before you invest any emotions into her.

Keep your eyes peeled for those really wonderful and beautiful Uruguay women out there who like you and have fun.


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